Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

At Renovation Church, we believe that an important spiritual formative in the life of each believer is serving God and others. Our GO ministry provides opportunities for believers of all ages to extend a hand in the name of Jesus HERE in our local church, NEAR in the surrounding communities, and FAR around the globe.

Active Missionaries & Those We Support

Dan and Hope Owsley - Brazil

Free Methodist Missionary

Keith and Julie - Asia

Free Methodist Missionary

Al and Diane Mellinger - Bulgaria

Free Methodist Missionary

Living Water International

A faith-based organization bringing clean water and the Word to countries across the globe

Kevin Austin - Set Free

Free Methodist Affiliation
An Anti-Human Trafficking awareness and action organization.

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Serve the Kingdom here, near, or far!

Snack Packs at Woodland

We partner with Woodland Elementary school to provide needy kids with a weekly backpack full of nutritionally balanced, kid-friendly, supplemental food to take home for the weekend. Those serving in our Snack Pack ministry may volunteer to purchase food, pack the Snack Packs, deliver, and/or pick up the empty bags at the school each week.  Contact Pastor Bekki below if interested. 

Colonial Acres Ministry

Together with a team of four other churches, our goal is to love the residents of Colonial Acres, a local, disadvantaged, mobile home park, into a relationship with Jesus. We focus on the needs of different groups of residents in various ways through on-site ministries, workdays, seasonal gatherings, and camps. Bible clubs also meet weekly during the school year for teens and elementary school-age kids. We always welcome volunteers who want to teach kids and teens and participate in outreaches to the various groups of residents.

Living Water International

Living Water International is a faith-based ministry with the goal to mobilize and empower the local church, communities, and government by facilitating clean water access, sanitation, and hygiene activities. Through Living Water International, Renovation raises money for new wells and sends various teams to drill the clean water wells, teaching hygiene to the communities.  Most recently, we have sent teams to Sierra Leone and Haiti on LWI trips. Teams are formed when there is interest, usually on a yearly or every couple of years basis. 
Globally, the needs are endless, so we have begun to concentrate our overseas efforts in the country of Sierra Leone, specifically the district of Moyambia and the surrounding area.  Interested in international missions with Renovation? Click the button below.

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